renew wax

Base conditioning formula for clear bases.
(100g/3.5oz, 400g/14oz)

renew series

ReNew waxes are deeply penetrating base conditioners, providing base impregnation and surface protection. Why condition the base ? Dry base is a very common problem caused by several factors: stonegrinding, use of base cleaners, aggressive snow, repetitive use of hard waxes, and failure to wax. Additionally, new skis and boards can have dry bases because factory wax, often buffed on, is non-penetrating. Cleaning and conditioning the base is also
necessary to remove old wax and dirt and to keep it from drying. The RENew base prep wax is a unique blend of ultra-soft and ultra-hard waxes working together to saturate and protect in one easy ironing step. The ultra-soft waxes penetrate deeply to condition the base, while the ultra-hard waxes stay close to the surface to protect against abrasive snow and form a neutral layer that will not interfere with the glide wax.

Many users clean and condition the base using a very soft glide wax because of its penetrating and cleaning properties. This, however, leaves a layer of very soft wax on the surface which will change whatever glide wax is chosen for the snow condition. Furthermore, the ReNew formula is far more efficient in saturating the base than conventional soft (yellow), or hard (turquoise) waxes: