Momentium Warm

momentium warm

18ºF (-8ºC) and warmer
Mid fluoro, antistatic competition wax in paste form. For best competition results, rub some Q6 lightly on the paste before applying the paste.
(40g/1.4oz container with fibertex disc)

No iron Competition Waxes

Hot waxing is the most common and effective form of delivering wax into the base. But there are situations that application of a paste is the only option available:

• Hot waxing tools not available (e.g. tables, vises, tools...)
• Not enough time for the wax to “rest” after hot waxing*
• The hot wax is not suitable for the snow conditions and needs to be modified in a short time
• The base needs to be refreshed after multiple runs (skicross/boardercross, halfpipe, etc.)
• To improve the glide speed of the recreational hydrocarbon hot waxes

The Momentium pastes are competition grade products formulated with fluoro and antistatic additives but so little is needed per application that they are affordable for everyday use. Apply a thin layer on the base, buff in with the included Scotchbrite pad. Wait about five minutes, then brush out, preferably with a roto brush, although a brass/horsehair brush will also work well.
This is a surface layer with limited durability so it will be best to reapply during a rest or lunch break. Pastes are generally thought of as low end consumer products that tend to dry the base, but the carrier system has been carefully selected to minimize the base drying effect (we don’t see any). These products are economical enough for the general consumer but have been used very successfully at the highest level of competition.
However, it is important to keep in mind that, as effective as MOMENTIUM is, it is still a surface treatment. Hot waxing is needed to keep the base working at its best, so clean periodically with ReNew base conditioner.

* For good glide speed the wax must have enough time to rest, often several hours, between ironing and scraping (click here to learn why).