With DOMINATOR I know that I am getting the best and most innovative waxing products available. Their antistatic, thermoactive Zoom waxes and overlays can’t be beat. More importantly I know DOMINATOR has the waxing system that works and makes sense. The waxing information provided by most other waxing companies is mostly hype and marketing glitz. With DOMINATOR you can get straightforward information directly from the lab and test track.

- Peter Dodge, Head Men's Alpine Coach
Dartmouth Ski Team

I have been very fortunate to work with some of world’s best competitive snowboarders and travel to some of the greatest winter events, such as the Winter Olympics, the X Games, and US Open. Dominator Ski and Snowboard Wax and Thanos have supported the athletes, and myself, the whole way! The top technicians in the world have Dominator in their Wax Boxes!

 - Ryan McDermott, Owner of Mono Cera Tune Shop
Technician to Jamie Anderson, Danny Davis, Red Gerard, Mark McMorris, and many others.

SkiMD exclusively uses and sells DOMINATOR products based purely on results. Dominator produces waxes that have the widest spectrum of usage out there. As a result, anyone can go to the start of a race and feel confident in their wax choice.

 - Mike DeSantis, Owner of SkiMD
Former World Cup Speed Technician and Volkl Race Director

"We've used Dominator products for many years with positive results. Dominator understands the art of gliding. They continue to be innovating and provide a great sounding board for technicians in the field with results and recommendations."

 - Blake Lewis, CANADA SNOWBOARD Lead Technician
SnowboardCross National Team
. Rennbetreurer for life

With a partnership going back to the mid 90’s, DOMINATOR has been in close collaboration with Burton to make the best performance snowboard waxes (under the Burton label) all while embracing Burton’s sustainability initiatives. Recently DOMINATOR reformulated all (Burton snowboard) waxes to remove the fluoro additives. The result is a wax that’s better for the environment and just as fast!

 - Jason Kuerth, Burton Snowboards

The DOMINATOR paste is in my opinion the best alternative to hot wax on the market right now. Protects the bases against hard and aggressive snow and has the same durability to traditional waxing methods.

-Ryan Mooney
US Ski Team, Women's Alpine Team

DOMINATOR Wax is the fastest and most user friendly system on the market. Holderness has more podiums on Dominator Wax than all others waxes combined.

 - Alan Smarse, Director of Snowboard and Freeski, Holderness School

Over the last seven years I have used Dominator products.  The brand keeps creating new products that allow me to be confident when making a wax call.

 - Kenny NaultTechnician
Canadian Ski Halfpipe Team

I have trusted and relied solely upon the DOMINATOR brand for many years now. Simply put, the products work over a broad range of snow types and course conditions. Tailored to both the demands of today’s strict economy as well as extreme on-snow performance, the DOMINATOR line is a complete success on all levels.

 - Randy Graves, former Technician
Rossignol World Cup

The Japan Ski Jumping team has a wall of World Cup, World Championship and Olympic medals that were won using DOMINATOR. I have been using DOMINATOR since the day they came to market, I have been part of the test team for their innovative Legacy pastes from the beginning and I was addicted to them. When I tested their Elite fluoro free waxes in 2020 to be ready in case of a fluoro ban, I found them just as fast as fluoro waxes. This wax company is the top performer because it is constantly innovating!

 - Otmar SchaidreiterServiceman
Former Swiss Nordic Combined, Japan Ski Jumping, and Chinese Nordic Combined

We were in the freezer in Landgraaf for a banked slalom world cup. We used ELITE wax and paste. Dominator wax helped set us up for success as we secured 11 medals, with a full USA sweep of the LL2 men on the second day!

- Cameron Fule, Serviceman
US Paralympic Snowboard

Absolute weapons!!!
-David Ketterer
Alpine World Cup Skier, German National Team

DOMINATOR WAX has been a part of all of my major success in racing snowboards in my life. From my first of 9 X Games medals through my 4 world championship podiums and both of my Olympic Golds. These days I still use it racing at the legendary Banked Slalom at Mt. Baker and to get to the powder stashes fast all winter. Thanos and his development of his formulas have been the foundation of so much of the speed I have created on my snowboard over the last four decades of competition. I am forever grateful for his help.

- Seth Wescott
20 Year US Snowboard Team Rider
Two-time Olympic Gold Medalist

DOMINATOR is the best wax I have used in my years as a US Ski team member, a UVM college racer, a pro racer, and most recently as the. Greek National Team World Cup coach. I now rely on it exclusively.

- Sandy Vietze
Pro Skier and Greek 
National Ski Team Coach